New Logos

Last month, I had decided to get a new logo for Breit Touch.  Something that was unique to the business and created by a professional instead of something I had put together.  I had reached out to some contacts and decided to have Brenna Cogle create my new logo. Brenna was able to create amazing […]


About 6 months have passed since my last post (yikes, where has the time gone?!)!  I do apologize for so much of a lapse between posts, but as you’ll remember from my first blog, writing has never been one of my strong points. I’m writing today because I’ve recently taken a continuing education (CE) class […]

Injuries & Massage

This month’s topic is  something that I have been working with since becoming a massage therapist, as well as something that I am currently experiencing myself:  massage for those rehabilitating from an injury (or what I call Injury Massage).  Before I dive into the topic, however, I do need to say that massage is NOT […]

Happy New Year

Wow, this year sure has flown by, especially these last couple of months…   It seems that one minute it was a week or so before Thanksgiving, and now, BAM, it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow!  No matter the holiday that you celebrated, I hope that it was filled with happiness and joy for you and […]


We all know that there are some amazing benefits to massage and the chances that you will feel much more relaxed after a massage than you did before receiving one are fairly high.  However, you may experience an after-effect, or two, such as muscle soreness, dizziness, or an emotional release from that massage.  This month […]

Ashley’s Massage Journey

     As I reflect back on these past 2 years, I am amazed, yet proud of where my business has come from, and excited for where it is going.  I thought it would be a good fit for my first official blog post to tell you a little about my journey that has led […]


Greetings everyone and welcome to Breit Touch Massage & Bodywork! If you have any questions at all regarding any of the services that I offer or about the Young Living Essential Oils that I use, please contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions! Even though writing isn’t one of my strong […]