Happy New Year

Wow, this year sure has flown by, especially these last couple of months…   It seems that one minute it was a week or so before Thanksgiving, and now, BAM, it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow!  No matter the holiday that you celebrated, I hope that it was filled with happiness and joy for you and your loved ones!

As a new year knocks on the door, we think about resolutions.  If you’re having trouble coming up with a New Year’s resolution, as I usually do, think about adding Massage Therapy to your wellness regimen if you haven’t already.  It has many more benefits than just relaxation! Check out my Massage Benefits & Service Menu pages to read about the benefits & the different types of massage I offer.

Speaking of resolutions, I thought I would share my resolutions for 2014…

My resolution for Breit Touch is to take the steps to become an approved provider for health insurance plans that currently cover (or reimburse) massage therapy.  While it has a long way to go yet, slowly, but surely, the healthcare industry is starting to accept massage as an alternative therapy.  As the therapist for Breit Touch, my resolution is to take more continued education (CE) courses that further help my clients with their injury rehabilitation and/or chronic pain.

My personal resolutions are to continue growing as an individual and professional in the Massage Industry as well as to get back into my own wellness regimen (making sure I exercise at least once a week, eating healthier, making sure I get regular massages as well, etc) so that I can stay healthy and continue to give the gift of massage (that I love to do) for many years to come.

I hope that your 2013 was filled with wonderful things as well, and I wish you a fantastic and prosperous 2014!

I’ll see you next year!


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