Auto Accident Massage
Auto Accident

Auto Accident



Massage therapy can help ease the tension and help your body recover from an injury related to an automobile accident.  These injuries can range from general aches & pains to whiplash & other strains on the body; All on top of the stress and other emotional strain that comes with an accident.  Many of these injuries can stay hidden for some time, so please don’t hesitate to seek medical care and get yourself checked out after an auto accident, even if you’re feeling “ok” right after.

After seeking out medical care, via a medical clinic or chiropractor clinic, they may recommend physical therapy &/or massage therapy to help aid you in your recovery.  If you have received a prescription/referral for Massage Therapy, feel free to call or e-mail to schedule an appointment, no pre-approval needed.

**A health intake form and an Insurance Release form will need to be filled out prior to the start of your first session.  You can choose to fill it out at the office the day of your appointment, or you can fill it out early, and bring it in the day of your first session by downloading the forms below.


Health Intake Form

Insurance Releases